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Your Racing Options

Testing & Practice

Many of our customers don't want to race, so they visit us 3 or 4 times per year for a great day out on quick, competitive 2-stroke karts. We offer test days on TKM karts in senior and junior trim, and Rotax in Senior Max - nearly 30bhp and 162kg certainly tests your driving skills!


We also have customers racing in A&D 2-stroke series who want to keep their skills up to scratch or practice on a new track before their next round. If you are racing Club 100 or DMax this is an ideal way to learn the circuits and also see the difference between A&D karts and the originals they are based on.

Once you've taken the "Step Up to 2-Stroke" you'll be hooked! Here's some options to get you out on the big tracks. What's right for you?

IKR Racing

Motor racing in the UK has traditionally been run by Motor Sports UK requiring a licence, ability tests and a strict set of procedures. Recently a new strand of kart racing has spruing up that does not require such stringent regulations called Independent Kart Racing (IKR). We supply hire karts and support owner/drivers at the Clay Pigeon IKR series.


This is particularly suitable for drivers who don't have time to spend on the more intensive MSUK racing, as its format is very user-friendly. You have the morning practicing to get your eye back in to racing, with serious races in the afternoon. Perfect for people with busy lives and other commitments outside karting who just want a fun day out racing their mates once a month or so. Costs are capped mainly by the use of a hard control tyre that must last the duration of the race series, but IKR racing should not be seen as a "downmarket" alternative to MSUK. The racing is just as hard, the standards on the whole as high and the costs similar apart from the tyres as above. The harder tyres also mean older equipment stays competitive.

MSUK Racing

Racing governed by the MSUK is more formal and more involved. It normally stretches over a weekend with a full day of testing on the Saturday and racing on the Sunday. You need to apply for a licence issued by the MSUK and at time of writing (January 2019) you need to pass an ARKS test to qualify for it. Full details of the procedure can be found here.


Many clubs are proposing to limit tyre usage for the season, but be aware that tyres in MSUK racing tend to be softer and need replacing more often than in IKR.


With an MSUK licence you are able to race in regional and national championships with common regulations, which makes it particularly suitable for drivers who want a deeper level of commitment to their karting. We would also recommend young drivers take part in MSUK events as there is a wider choice of racing as they progress.

Our awning on race weekends is a busy place, with all the kit to help you hone your set up

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