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Fully insured for your protection.


Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before booking.


We are here to have fun and provide you a fun, rewarding and safe activity. We don't believe in proscriptive rules, and want to work WITH you and help you enjoy yourself. In return we would ask you to respect our equipment, us and our simple rules - they are for safety reasons alone and to enable both you and us to have a safe and enjoyable time at the race track. We're reasonable people, if there's anything you're worried about let's get it sorted out first of all!


Size guidelines Junior/Senior kart:

Minimum driver age 11 years

Minimum driver weight 35kg

Minimum driver height 150cm

Maximum driver weight 110kg

Maximum driver height 185cm


If you are outside these measurements please get in touch and we may need to conduct a seat fitting or make arrangements for other karts. All drivers under 18 must have a responsible adult with them on the day who can sign a damage indemnity (see below).


We cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred in the event of cancellation due to weather or other conditions preventing use of the track. We will endeavour to re-schedule your event but cannot guarantee when or where it will be.


While we endeavour to meet the minimum driving time shown on our web site, Attaq Motorsport can make no guarantees as to exactly how much time you have behind the wheel which may be affected by weather, breakdowns, accident damage or situations outside our control.  We'll do our best for you though!


Mechanical failure

Mechanical failures are unfortunately a feature of running highly tuned racing machinery, and whilst the karts are prepared to a high standard we cannot prevent every single occurence. If a mechanical failure is due to careless driving (including but not limited to these examples: hitting kerbs, consistently running off track, accident damage) we may have to suspend your driving session. If a mechanical failure cannot be fixed at the circuit we reserve the right not to offer you a replacement date.


Accident damage

You and your responsible adult if applicable will be asked to sign an indemnity and may be required to contribute to any accident damage caused while you are at the wheel. Any time taken repairing accident damage may result in you losing time on track. If we are unable to repair accident damage at the circuit within a reasonable time we reserve the right not to offer you a replacement date.



Motor racing can be dangerous and although the organisers take all reasonable steps to minimise damage and injury, accidents can happen. It is your responsibility or the responsibility of the responsible adult of a driver under 18 to ensure that you drive within your safe limits and the safe limits of the kart and weather conditions. If you are unhappy about the conditions, your abilities or the safety of the kart you must stop driving and discuss the situation with the instructor or Attaq Motorsport representative. These activities take place on MSA-regulated racing tracks and using karts to MSA standards which may be different to the standards of indoor karting centres you are used to. There will be local flag and safety regulations in place, it is the responsibility of drivers and their parent/guardians to familiarise themselves with any special rules in advance or at the time of signing on. You will be issued basic safety instructions at the time of booking.


Attaq Motorsport reserves the right to prevent a driver from taking part should their driving be deemed by the instructors to be endangering the safety of themselves or other people or risk causing damage to the kart.


Attaq Motorsport karting events are covered by the BKIA Teams Insurance Scheme, details available on request. This does not provide personal accident insurance which will be your responsibility.


Size Guidelines - Cadet Kart:

Minimum driver age 7 years

Minimum driver height 150cm

Please note - we would expect you to arrange a seat fitting for any Cadet driver prior to taking part